Tuition is offered for Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3, all based on the national curriculum, and then at Key Stage 4, based on the particular level (Foundation or Higher) and the individual exam boards.  This is therefore taken to GCSE/IGCSE level.

Similarly, tuition is offered for Maths from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4 in the same way as above.

The Science and Maths topics are supported by William Cuming, an experienced teacher who is particularly adept at helping students who are struggling with a subject or just one topic, who might be disaffected by the subjects or the school system, or who have learnt to fear failure through the constant assessment regime.

So if you are a student who is struggling to make the necessary progress to hit your target grades and enable you to fulfil your ambitions, whatever they are and at whatever level, then you have arrived at an excellent place to start to make a difference.


Tuition is offered for English Literature from Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5, based on the national curriculum, and then based on the particular exam boards.  This is therefore taken to GCSE/IGCSE level, and to A-level.

Tuition is also offered at GCSE/IGCSE level for English Language

Tuition for Creative Writing is available for all students aged 7 to 18, whether as part of a qualification or simply for enjoyment and personal achievement.

These English topics are supported by Sarah Cuming. Sarah has experience as a teaching assistant working with students who are struggling with both ability and confidence in literacy, and as a volunteer writer in schools and writing squads. She is widely read and has also had several short stories published. She is supportive and conscientious and will work on an individual level with each pupil, so that they can find a pace which they are comfortable with, but which still challenges them and encourages them to strive for their goals.

Tutoring is a great way to build your confidence in whichever subject you are worried about, and can be crucial in bridging the gaps between primary and secondary, and GCSE and A Levels. Sarah has personal experience of this, having received mathematics tutoring when moving from primary to secondary school. She knows that this change can be confusing and disorientating, especially if a student feels that they are not keeping up with their peers. This can have a corresponding negative impact on a student’s self-confidence. Sarah aims to get students up to speed and enthusiastic about English, in a one-to-one environment removed from the intimidation of peer pressure.


What do dou need to bring along?

  • A pen

  • A willingness to have a go

  • A willingness to practice

  • All electronic devices completely switched off


What will we provide?

  • Enthusiasm and commitment

  • Paper resources

  • Large whiteboard

  • Mini-whiteboards and pens

  • Online resources

  • Tailored lesson preparation

  • Homework and marking (optional)

  • “Kitchen sink” science demos if possible/appropriate

  • Purpose built office with all appropriate resources

  • Small library for parents to sit and read when you visit us

  • Wi-Fi connection when you visit us


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